About Us

Afkar Association for Development and Relief is a non-governmental and non-profit organization that aims to manufacture a developing society that depends on its potential and can take its place among the developed societies, and provide relief to the needy and affected in disaster situations, through human and natural development and care for all segments of society, especially orphans and women, as well as providing relief in cases Emergency.

The association was founded by a group of volunteers in 2004.

Our vision

“We make the radiance of hope.”

The mission of the association

We work to create a developing society that depends on its potential and can take its place among developed societies, and relief the needy and those affected in disaster situations.


Developing human and natural resources and carrying out relief and humanitarian actions through:
1- Developing the human capabilities available in society by increasing awareness, training, and assisting and supporting creative development ideas to invest the available resources.
2- Real interest in developing women and youth slogans, discovering creative energies and helping them to take a positive role in society.
3- Providing humanitarian and relief assistance to those in need.

The logo

It is a word of thoughts in the Arabic language, and under it the word ideas in English sails on two waves and the point of the letter F in the word ideas in the form of a perforated circular symbol symbolizing the creative and benevolent human ideas for the development of poor and oppressed societies.

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